Complaints Procedure

If your viewing this page then something has went wrong and for that we apologise in advance. Below you will see an outline of our complaints procedure in the event that you cannot reach a resolve with your assigned support agent.

  1. Raise your complaint as a new ticket via our helpdesk under the category 'Complaint'
  2. Your ticket will be sent directly to our customer services manager for an internal investigation
  3. Following this investigation (allow 1-2 days), you will receive an update from our customer services manager directly

You have the right to disagree with the outcome and/or be unhappy with the outcome but we ask that you continue to liaise directly and solely with the customer services manager to resolve the complaint. 

If you have exhausted the complaints process and are still unhappy with the outcome you may ask our customer services manager to escalate to senior management. The complaint must be contained in a single written/typed single document (PDF or Word Doc) containing the full case details (including any images & correspondence). The case will undergo an internal investigation under supervision of senior management with a subsequent response directly within 60 working days. Please note, you should proceed with the advice issued by customer services in the interim of a response. 

Please further note, a complaint will be automatically closed without response were a payment dispute exists. You may not be notified in such cases. 

We appreciate complaints are a stressful process but we hope we can address your query quickly and find you a solution to make right the situation.

Please be aware, we do not accept complaints by post mail, all complaints must be made via email.

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