Understanding Colours & Materials

This short guide provides an insight to colour and material terminology to better ensure you find a suitable product for your project. Throughout our website you will see mention of the colours:

  • Nickel - a silver like colour that may be polished for a shiny finish or dulled down for a Matt like finish
  • Chrome - generally referring to a Shiny Mirror like finish but may be prefixed with 'Satin', 'Matt', etc... which indicates a dulled down finish
  • Bronze - a dull Brass like colour that can vary from dark Brown to a buttery Brown appearance and in many cases may be lacquered to provide a clear and consistent finish
  • Brass - generally cast brass but may be plated and will appear as a Shiny Gold finish
  • Matt - some products may state 'Matt' such as 'Matt Black' which indicates a dull finish opposed to a shiny/glossy alternative
  • Concrete - we offer a selection of Concrete based products as well as Concrete replica products some of which have a painted finish

Our images remain true to actual but variation can arise depending on the device type (Mobile/PC/Tablet) and the screen type you are using, for example a HDMI Monitor will display colours differently in comparison to a VGA Monitor. This is the nature of online shopping and one we can not control so we kindly ask you be considerate of this if the product finish does not match your expectation. 

Below we have included an image just showing that 4 different phones at 100% brightness all show varying different in the colour and saturation of the image. This is due to different technologies being used in every device and each one has different colour saturation and peak brightness along with PPI(Pixel's Per Inch) etc, this also applies to computers, laptops and any other device with a display.

For more information or assistance on this please contact us via the 'Submit Ticket' option on this page