Expected Deviation on Natural Material Products

When purchasing products constructed of natural materials (for example: Wood, Cement, Stone, Bamboo, etc...) it is reasonable to expect a level of variation/deviation from 'product to product' and 'product to on-screen image'. This can include deviation in colour, size, pattern, style and shape as each product is hand-made providing an element of charm and uniqueness. It should also be noted that it is common for products of a cement/stone to have erosion marks (as is the nature of this natural material) and for wood based products to have abrasive/settlement sections (again as is the nature of this natural material).

Our products are of the highest quality and we assume the desire in purchasing a natural material product is for the elements of deviation however we understand expectations vary and if you are concerned about the level of deviation on products of this nature we would advise not to proceed with purchase. 

Should you have any questions about products of this nature please speak to our sales team in advance.