Brexit: Will I be charged Duty/Taxes?

After Brexit, if you are living in an EU Member State and your delivery address is that EU Member State you will NOT include any Duty nor Taxes other than the standard 20% VAT that you would have been charged prior to Brexit. If you are a business in an EU Member state you can add your EU VAT Number at checkout to remove the VAT Element of the sale under EU Law.

If you live outside of the EU and the UK there will be no change to the current mode of business whereby Duties and Taxes are applied by customs depending on the Value of your order as governed by your individual Country. 

If you live in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland), you will continue to pay 20% VAT on purchases (included in the price of our products) and you will not have any additional Taxes nor Duties to pay.

Buying from Ireland: As we ship all orders from NI you will not incur additional Duties/Tax when buying from us if your delivery address is within the EU.

We understand these are confusing times so if you have any questions please leave a message on our helpdesk.

For your reference, we are a UK based business located in Northern Ireland and operating under EORI - GB517580832000 and XI - XI517580832000.