What to do if your unable to place an Order

If your struggling to place an order you should consider the following steps to attempt a self-resolve:

  • Have you entered your delivery address both full and complete? Failing to select a country or enter a town/city may restrict you from completing checkout.
  • Have you selected a delivery option? If you haven't selected a delivery option you cannot proceed through step 2 of checkout.
  • Have you checked your payment method? If your Credit/Debit Card payment is failing we recommend calling your Bank to verify the payment you wish to make. Alternatively we offer other payment methods such as 'Bank Transfer' and 'PayPal'.
  • Have you fully completed checkout? Make sure to complete all 4 steps of checkout and wait until you see the 'Order Placed' screen before closing your browser. 

If you still need help placing your order you leave a message on our ticket desk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.