USA 5106 Form

The CBP Form 5106, also known as the Importer Identity form is a document that must be submitted to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before importing commercial goods into the US. After the process is completed, the importers will possess an account with the CBP and have the authority to import goods.

This form is used to keep track of every importer’s identification information as per the format mentioned here. Such detailed information is important for various aspects of the import process, such as:-

  • For verifying the identity of the importer
  • For tracking the import history of the importer
  • For ensuring that the importer abides by all the import-related laws applicable in the US
  • Once this form is submitted, the importer is known as the Importer of Record (IOR).

Individuals: It is necessary to register as an IOR with the CBP if an entity intends to be involved as an importer, or consignee/ultimate consignee, 4811 party, etc. on an informal or formal entry. Although individuals and organizations do not need to be registered as an IOR with CBP for shipments which are valued at $800 or less and imported by one person.

You can request a copy of this form directly from the courier if you have not received one already.