DHL Shipping Fee's

If your delivery address is outside of Europe it's likely DHL will be the delivery courier for your order. Depending on the value of your order there may be import duties and/or taxes to pay on the consignment which is outside of our remit. DHL tend to refer to these fee's as "shipping costs" however this is an inaccurate description as all costs of transport are paid by us (the seller) when we ship your order by means of DAP (IC 2010). 

If you have been contacted by DHL you can proceed to view the details of your shipment by going to: and following the on-screen instructions. From here you can view and pay any fee's to release the delivery. 

We understand some customers may not be prepared for import fee's however we publish extensive information of these fee's on our website, help desk and subsequent order emails to keep you fully informed. 

If you need more information on duties and taxes please get in touch with us.