Return Couriers

When booking a return you may choose whichever courier you prefer and we recommend using a parcel comparison website to maximise your options for safe and effective transport. This is a list of some of the more common comparison sites:

Please consider cost of service and reputation of your selected courier, for example: some couriers offer specialist services which guarantee a safe delivery whilst others use bulk processing methods which are now ideal for fragile products.

We also recommend taking our insurance on your return to limit any losses occurred from loss or damage during transit. For the avoidance of doubt any courier service you procure is done so entirely by your decision and we cannot cover damages/loss arising from the procured service

It is highly recommended to return a pallet delivered item via pallet as transit via pallet is a much safer solution for large and fragile products.

Please ensure you have thoroughly reviewed our repackaging guide and return T&C's before commencing to book your service.

Important Notice: During this busy period we have seen an increase in courier related damages arising from over capacity vehicle loads and increased delivery demand day to day. Please take extra measures to protect your return and we strongly urge you insure any returns.